User Experience Consulting and Training
for the eLearning Professional

Our mission is to help you design effective and efficient eLearning courses. We guide you through the strategic planning process, supporting your goals with our knowledge of psychology and how people learn. We also teach graphics software so your eLearning projects will be polished and ready to deliver to your Web developer.

Consulting and Training Solutions

For Businesses

When developing training materials for your employees, knowing how people learn can save you time and money. TrainingUX combines brain science with visual design to guide your development of eLearning materials. Based on the latest research in behavioral science, a TrainingUX Review and Recommendation will identify factors that can increase the effectiveness of your employees' eLearning time. We work with your team throughout the development process to ensure the most time- and cost-efficient service.

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For Designers

Do you have specific questions or needs regarding Photoshop or Illustrator? Are you frustrated by trying to sift through tutorials and help sections to find the answers you need? Online private lessons will save you time and frustration. Through you can take live online lessons for Photoshop and Illustrator directly from TrainingUX's Katie Stern, an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop. During these lessons Katie can demonstrate a technique, and then by sharing screens, watch and guide you as you practice on your own computer. All lessons are recorded so you can watch them as many times as you wish.

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For Educators

If you are looking for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and After Effects (for motion graphics) courses complete with syllabi, assignments, and projects with learning outcomes, evaluation methods, and grading rubrics, talk with us. We collaborate with schools, colleges, and universities to develop an online computer graphics course that meets your program's needs. Our courses go beyond mere techniques and include training on industry standards. Packaging and delivery into a SCORM or Tin Can learning management system is available.

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About TrainingUX

User Experience (UX)

You know when an eLearning course is effective, whether you are the Chief Learning Officer in a major corporation or building your very first online course. But what makes that course effective? Why do people complete the course or walk away? What factors can you control to ensure the greatest satisfaction for your learners?

ELearning can be personalized to corporate or individual needs, but there's more to success than that. As an eLearning leader you must study the people who will ultimately take your course, the people we call the end users. Which designs help them learn? What are the best tools and techniques to enhance learning of new material? Are you up to date on the science of learning and how it applies to eLearning? Assuming you know can be costly. How much money could your company afford to lose by building a course people couldn't follow?

This is the world of User Experience (UX) applied to eLearning. UX professionals study things that affect your end user's experience. How does the human brain absorb and remember information? What motivates people to continue? How does the organization of information help or hurt memory? How does the use of color help people read and prevent visual fatigue? These factors and more play a critical role in a successful eLearning course.

Few organizations can dedicate staff members to learn and apply UX information, and that's where TrainingUX comes in. Through TrainingUX, you can get the feedback and training you need to give your eLearning courses a greater return on investment. Isn't that really what you need?

Katie Stern, BA, MA, MFA

Katie Stern founded TrainingUX after learning that people were nervous about their abilities to design and evaluate eLearning materials. With degrees in graphics and psychology and 18 years of full-time college/university teaching experience, Katie helps corporations, colleges, and universities develop effective and engaging eLearning courses and materials. She stands out as one of the premiere educators in her field, having written two university-level textbooks on photography and having received multiple student nominations to Who's Who Among America's Teachers. Katie's passion for excellence in her knowledge base of computer graphics is demonstrated by her status as an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop. Through TrainingUX, Katie offers her experience, knowledge, and services to businesses and individuals. She also offers instructional design and online educational video services to educational institutions.


From TakeLessons Students

It's not often that five-star reviews pour in from students. is where Katie trains students one-on-one in Photoshop, Illustrator, and graphic design. Take a look at her profile and reviews from her students, and consider private online lessons for yourself or your employees.


Did we tell you Katie has written two university-level textbooks? carries both and has rave reviews as well. Check out the reviews for Photo 1: An Introduction to the Art of Photography and Photography for the 21st Century.

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Via e-mail

Serving you is the most important thing we do. Katie is a self-proclaimed e-mail addict, so e-mail is the best way of reaching her. Contact Katie at and you will hear back from her as soon as possible.

Via telephone

During the summer you can call or text (715) 899-0089. During the typical school year you can reach Katie at (715) 346-4145. Be sure to leave a message if there's no answer!